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Holiday | Recipes, Gift Guide, & Giveaway!

SIMEK’S has been a holiday tradition for generations, so while this holiday season may feel different, it doesn't need to taste different. We are excited to share our 2020 Holiday Recipe Guide to help make your holiday celebration special and delicious.

During the holidays and all throughout the year, your SIMEK’S purchases help spread joy to others through SIMEK’S One Gives One mission. For every product you purchase, a meal is donated to help feed those in need right in your community. So whether you are enjoying your favorite tradition, or starting a new one, with SIMEK’S, you’ll also be sharing it with someone in need. 

Like Dasher and Dancer, these recipes pair
together perfectly to bring you Holiday cheer!

for the cranberry lover...

for the cheese lover...

for the savory & sweet lover...

The SIMEK'S elves have been busy gathering their favorite things this year in hopes of spreading some Holiday cheer!

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Together, we have impacted hunger in your community! The SIMEK’S purchases made at your local stores, have donated meals to your local Feeding America food bank and helped people in need in your community. Thank you for being a SIMEK’S fan!