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March Madness

March Madness Meatball Baskets!


Looking for an easy appetizer to watch March Madness with? This recipe and craft idea will be a slam dunk at any party! Now, if only your bracket were as spot-on as this recipe!

What will you need?! You may already have all these items at home! All you need to make the “hoops” are paper cups, our basketball backboard printout (click here to download), and a sharpie! Then, of course, you need to fill your basket with SIMEK’S meatballs!


Step 1: Cut out basketball backboards and cut a slit halfway up the center box lines.

Step 2: Use sharpie to draw the “net” onto the paper cups.

Step 3: Place the backboard onto the paper cup.

Step 4: Heat SIMEK’S meatballs according to package, and toss in your favorite sauce – we used BBQ sauce here, but you could even use buffalo sauce to make them look even more like basketballs!

SIMEK’S meatballs are free from preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. Also, for every product purchased, we donate a meal to the local Feeding Amercia food bank, serving your community! Giving back has never tasted so good!