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Our Favorite Things at Lowes Foods

We recently visited Lowes Foods in North Carolina and we were blown away by their stores! They are so creative, innovative and engaging with their guests that walking through the stores is truly an experience.

1.Pick & Prep

How amazing is this?! Pick & Prep professionals cut, slice, dice, mince and cube your fruits and veggies to experience the benefits immediately.  They cut your items the way you prefer while you shop! Cuts down prep time in the kitchen, and lets you enjoy more quality time at the table – something very close to our hearts 😉


2. Sausage Works

If Willy Wonka made sausage instead of chocolate, his famous factory would have been SausageWorks at Lowes Foods. SausageWorks features locally made pork, beef and turkey sausages in an unbelievable amount of flavors, from the familiar crowd-pleasers to the “are they insane?” combinations. One of our favorites was “No. 29 the Margarita”: A top-shelf blend of tequila, lime, salt, orange zest, and pork sausage. How can you say “no” to that?!

3. Chicken Dance

At SIMEK’S, we love any excuse to dance, so of course, we were excited to learn the infamous Lowes Food Chicken Dance. Once the rotisserie chickens are ready for the day, you’ll hear the music start, and get your wings and tail ready to dance for an all store celebration!

4. Wine Down Wednesday and Thirsty Thursday at the Beer Den

A grocery store and a bar?! What more could you ask for! Either sit ‘n’ sip or take it to go while you shop! A little local beer or wine is the perfect way to take away the stress of shopping.

5. The Cakery

Besides the amazing smells coming from the must try sweet treats at The Cakery, there is even more fun to be had here. Make a wish and blow out the candles, to extinguish the larger than life, light up, candles above The Cakery!

6. Clip your own herbs

Don’t have a green thumb? Or don’t have time to grow your own herb garden? No problem! Just go to Lowes Foods and clip your own herbs! This is one of our favorite things at Lowes Foods. Similar to our mission at SIMEK’S, Lowes Foods is all about saving their guests time without sacrificing quality!

7. They carry SIMEK’S!

Lastly, and our personal favorite 😉 , they carry SIMEK’S! Lowes Foods is such an incredible partner and supporter of our brand and mission. Like us, they are committed to helping fight hunger in their communities and we can’t thank them enough for their continued support!

Thank you, Lowes Foods for an amazing experience during our visit. The innovation, design, and fun are above and beyond! We can’t wait for many more visits.


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