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Avocado BLT Meatball Bite

  • 5–10 minutes prep time
  • 5-10 Minutes cook time
  • Serves 35-44 Individual Appetizers
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  • Ingredients

    2 Pints of Cherry Tomatoes
    1 Head of Lettuce
    1 Package of Bacon
    1 Avocado

  • Directions

    1. Prepare bacon according to package.
    2. While bacon is cooking; wash cherry tomatoes and lettuce and dry on paper towels, cut avocado in to bite size chunks.
    3. Heat meatballs according to package on stove or in microwave.
    4. After bacon is done, place on paper towels to absorb any grease and once cooled, cut into bit size squares.Cut lettuce in to bit size pieces.
    5. Build skewer from top down, first sliding on avocado then tomato, lettuce, bacon, and finally meatball.
    *Can be paired with a dipping sauce of your choice.