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Mini Sausage Breakfast Hash

  • < 5 minutes prep time
  • 20 minutes cook time
  • Serves 4-6
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  • Directions

    1. Place a 10 – 12 inch skillet on the stove. Grease pan with cooking spray. Then, turn the heat on medium. Sautee meatballs until heated through. Remove meatballs and set aside.
    2. Do not drain grease. Add the shredded potatoes. Give them a quick mix with a wooden spoon. Allow to cook for about 2 minutes without stirring.
    3. Add the chopped pepper, onion, salt, and pepper. Stir, then flatten everything out using the back of a wooden spoon or spatula. Allow to cook without stirring for 3 minutes. Stir, then allow to cook for 2 more minutes. The potatoes should be getting quite brown at this point. If not, continue to cook a little longer while stirring occasionally until they are.
    4. Stir in the meatballs and cook for 2 minutes, until hashbrowns are cooked.
    5. Flatten out the top of the hash using the back of a wooden spoon or spatula. Then, using the back of a spoon, make 4 shallow indentations into the hash. Crack an egg into each indentation. Stir and continue cooking until egg is fully cooked.
    6. Top with shredded cheese. Season with pepper to taste and top with parsley. Serve immediately.